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Portrait of Photographer Russell Lewis

A bit about me

Hey there, I’m Russell, the guy behind the camera at Russell Lewis Photography. Before you start exploring my work, let me give you a little peek into my journey and let you know a bit about me.

In the beginning!

In the beginning was my Baby Brownie Special camera which I still have today.  I was given it by my father at the age of five and it had been his as a child.  In the intervening years technology hadn’t changed that much, it takes eight photos on a roll of film and I had to wait a week for the photos to come back from Boots. Those first eight photos are etched into my memory, there’s one of our cat, one of my three year old brother posing as I’d asked him to, one of our dog, our house...the final shot was the washing line as I was so keen to finish the roll of film and see the results. That was it, I was hooked and still am.

In 1999 I graduated with a degree in Photography from the University of Plymouth. While at Uni I started working in a high street photo lab and found it particularly rewarding helping customers improve their own photography. So much so that after a brief spell managing a photo lab for Lloyds Pharmacies, at the age of 24 I opened my own photo lab on Commercial Road in Hereford.

The lab quickly built a reputation for quality and customer service and, each Monday morning, we’d receive hundreds of rolls of film from wedding photographers in the area who’d photographed weddings over the weekend. To ensure print quality we would see every photograph taken and that’s where I first started to learn the skills of wedding photography.

A short while after opening the lab a customer found out I had a degree in photography and asked me to come and take some photos for them and things kind of snowballed from there. I've always had an affinity for observational photography and capturing people's emotions in photos and weddings provided the perfect opportunity for this. The photo lab soon became a gallery showcasing my wedding photography in Herefordshire until, in 2006, I sold the lab to be able to give my full attention to making the move to Wedding Photographer

Making the move to Wedding Photographer

The development of Wedding Photography

Twenty years ago wedding photography in Herefordshire consisted of 3 rolls of medium format film resulting in 36 photos of family groups and a few of the bride and groom. Quickly I became a little restless with this slightly stilted approach and would take my 35mm camera along to capture the more unique and spontaneous moments. Without realising it I was among the first to approach weddings in a more exploratory way and I soon became the leading wedding photographer in Herefordshire.

The development of Wedding Photography mean that today wedding photography is completely different in its nature. Digital technology has opened the doors to a wealth of new approaches. You have fashion photographers, portrait photographers, landscape photographers, documentary photographers all with their own take on how to photograph a wedding but very few wedding photographers. In my view a wedding photographer should be there to document the day in a heartfelt and genuine set of photographs with the family groups providing the structure for the rest of the day to be built around. They don’t have to take over the day and a photographer that knows weddings will ensure there’s ample opportunity for photographs and for you to spend quality time with your guests. 

I quickly grasped that if I helped make the day run smoothly, the pictures would almost take care of themselves. Many couples have told me, "You were more than just a photographer", and I take pride in going the extra mile. It’s generally the small things that make the biggest difference. I’ve found that memorising the bridal party’s names helps massively in promoting a friendly and inclusive environment for photography. I also recognise that often your bridal party may not have taken on the role before and I tend to liaise with them throughout so they can relax into the day safe in the knowledge that everything is in hand and they know what’s expected of them.

In my time I’ve sewn up wedding dresses, stuck a bride’s false nails on, arranged for suits to be delivered when they hadn’t arrived, driven couples in my car when the wedding car broke down, put out fires, provided medical care, been trapped in a Church in rising flood waters, dressed the groomsmen, pinned buttonholes and corsages on, made back time when ceremonies have over run, given a bride my socks so she can walk in a field without getting her wedding shoes dirty, given my jacket to brides to keep warm, have done more wedding dresses up than I care to remember and many other things that escape me. It's all in the detail and I’m there for you, that is my Herefordshire photography service in a nutshell.

It's all in the detail
Support throughout your Wedding Day

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Herefordshire for over 20 years now and the experience I’ve gained ensures that your photos happen efficiently, without fuss and without disrupting the flow of your day. My focus is on keeping these moments quick and enjoyable, always thinking on my feet making the best of locations and conditions, always having a plan B & C in place should plan A be affected in any way.

When it's time for photos with just the two of you, I create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I understand that not everyone is accustomed to being in front of the camera, so I provide gentle guidance to ensure we capture the best images for you.

Above all I provide support throughout your wedding day.  I’ll be a calming presence by your side guiding you through and allowing you to relax, enjoying each and every moment.

I have had the immense privilege of photographing ceremonies at close to 200 wedding venues in Herefordshire and throughout the UK, even as far afield as New Zealand. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained in that time is immeasurable and you can be assured that your wedding is in incredibly safe hands.

When I think back to those first eight photographs I can remember exactly where I was, the sun on my skin, the smell in the air, the sensation I felt, that to me is what photography does. It’s a time machine that takes you back to a given moment where you can lose yourself in the memory.

My ultimate goal is to create a beautiful narrative of your wedding day – one that's full of meaning, joy, and emotional depth serving as a cherished memory that you'll revisit with loved ones for years to come.

So hire an experience photographer in Herefordshire today, get in touch to start your journey

Hire an experienced Photographer in Herefordshire today
Russell Lewis with his kids on Bromyard Downs

My family and home are in Herefordshire but I also have a bolt hole near Tywyn in the heart of Wales which allows me to escape the madness and recharge my batteries with incredible walks and views.  If you fancy a short break it's available to rent, just click on this link for Chalet 18!

Wedisson Award for best wedding photography
DBS check: An official document displaying the result of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) background check, indicating suitability for employment or engagement in positions involving regulated activities, such as working with vulnerable populations or in sensitive environments
Russell Lewis is an Associate or The Royal Photographic Society
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