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I've put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you with your decision making.  I'm always more than happy to answer any question you may like to ask but here are a few for starters

How long have you been photographing weddings?
I graduated with a degree in photography in 1999 and shot my first wedding in 2000 gaining a Licentiate with the British Institute of Professional Photography in 2007 and subsequently becoming an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2011.  Find out more on the About page

What packages do you offer?
I provide four photography coverages ranging from a quarter day through to a full day, you then have the option of adding a USB or album to suit.  Everything is detailed on the pricing page of my website and all of my prices include travel in England and Wales.

How do we secure the date and when is the balance due?
An initial deposit of £200 is required to secure the date. The remainder of the total balance is not then due until a month before your wedding date.

How many photographs will we get?
I don't limit the number of photographs I take but neither do I indiscriminately rattle off thousands of images!  I would say it tends to be around 300 on a quarter day and you could reasonably expect to add 200 more for each other section of the day giving around 900 images over a full day but this total is very much affected by the number of guests you have, the weather and the style of your day.

Do you use second photographers?
I've found over the years that I favour working on my own.  I know what's been covered and who's been photographed, I can remain more discrete if I'm by myself and you can be assured of the photographs you'll receive at the end of the day.

How will we receive our photos?
You'll have your own passworded online gallery with an option to allow guests to download images for free should you wish.  You'll also receive a USB with all of your images in both colour and black & white or you may rather them available to download to your system at high resolution, the choice is yours.

Do you have insurance?
I have full public liability together with professional indemnity cover.

What is your photography style?
A blend of candid, documentary, and emotive portraiture, with a touch of the dramatic when it comes to big sky portraits but I also value the importance of family and friends and so the group photographs are also a must.

What's the largest and smallest wedding you've photographed?
The largest would have been around 200 guests, the smallest just 2 who asked random people off the street to be their witnesses!  I'm comfortable in both extremes 

Do you carry backup equipment?
Over the years I have had two camera failures but as I carry two of everything I need it wasn't an issue

How many weddings have you shot?
To date in excess of 700 

Will you colour correct my images?
All of your images are shot in a RAW format and then corrected in post production for optimum colour and tone

Do you do engagement photography?
Having a portrait session before your wedding helps build confidence and will make you feel far more relaxed on your wedding day.  For me it's important to treat these sessions as something quite separate from your wedding day so that each still has a feeling of uniqueness rather than you feeling you've had the same set of photos twice in different clothes!  My engagement sessions are included as standard in all my packages

Do you do group photographs?
In recent years there seems to be a trend to avoid group photographs or suggest they're not needed.  I believe this is mainly due to a lack of confidence on the behalf of the photographer.  I really enjoy the group photograph part of the day, it's an opportunity to involve myself with guests and often I'll be complimented on how efficiently they were done and how much fun they were.  Group photos don't need to be boring!

How long do you stay?
A full day generally runs from 3 hours before your ceremony through until your evening food comes out which ensures your first dance and a good bit of dancing is covered.  I'm happy to start earlier or stay later by arrangement.

Can we request specific shots?
Absolutely, the form you'd need to complete asks for specific group photos.  Occasionally I'll receive a comprehensive list that includes every shot you'd consider taking at a wedding, that certainly isn't necessary but if there are key points that are of real meaning to you then it's important to share them.

Can we see full wedding galleries?
You certainly can.  For the sake of privacy I don't provide open access to full weddings as standard but on occasion I will give access on request if a couple would like to see a specific venue or style. 

Do you do destination weddings?
Absolutely, I've travelled as far as Little Kaiteriteri beach in New Zealand and the beautiful town of Dubrovnik in Croatia as well as weddings in Ireland and Scotland, I'm more than happy to discuss any requirements.

What happens after booking?
Once we've had a chat and you're completely happy to make your booking you'll just need to pay your deposit of £200 by BACS or PayPal and there's an online booking form to complete.  After that you're free to get in touch at any point to discuss any aspect of your wedding with me.  A month before the day I'll be in touch to go through final details and that's also the time the balance for your wedding photography falls due.

What happens if you get ill?
I am a member of a number of different online wedding photography networks that are specifically set up to find a photographer should I for any reason not be able to cover your day.  It ensures that someone with suitable experience will be with you on the day and I would then take care of all the post production work so the resulting images are as close to my own as possible.

Do we need to provide you with food?
I'm always grateful for food but if you're going to be charged an inflated rate for it then please don't worry, so long as I know what's happening I can come prepared    

What will you be wearing?
I always wear a black suit with black shirt and leather shoes.  Occasionally I'm joined by videographers wearing tracksuit bottoms and trainers which I'm always amazed at!

How long after our wedding can we expect to receive the photographs?
As a general rule of thumb I'll have your photographs complete and your online gallery live within two weeks of your wedding

If there's anything I can answer for you not covered already or even if you'd just like some help and advice with the logistics of your wedding day feel free to get in touch

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