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A big thumbs up to the Wedding Content Creator!

Updated: May 17

Towards the start of the month saw me working alongside a wedding content creator for the first time and personally I found it a really positive experience.  Lydia from Wedding Content Creator UK had travelled over from Coventry to provide 6 hours of coverage for Cara & Matt's wedding at Glewstone Court in Herefordshire and stayed until just after the speeches.   

In the past videographers have tended to hang back, shoot what they need over my shoulder or alongside and when it came to couple shots I'd always be mindful to stand aside and let the videographer get the walking shot they kind of inevitably always wanted.  In recent years however the videographers tend to have their own agenda and have often needed a chunk of additional time with the bride and groom.  That's great but often the time this takes hasn't been factored in to the day and I personally find the extended session with the bride and groom excessively eats in to time they could be spending with their guests. 


The joy of the content creator is that they really are just observing and as they're using mobile phones they tend to blend in to the crowd who are inevitably also all using their mobile phones!  Lydia didn't need any additional time for things and was incredibly responsive to everything that was happening and I can't wait to see what she posted from the day. 


The future is going to see far more of this kind of coverage as people increasingly live their lives through social media and I very much welcome it.  Anything that can help weddings become more accessible to a wider circle of friends and family gets a big thumbs up from me.  The immediacy of a phone captured image or video can not be undervalued, alongside the professional images of course! 




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