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Never too late!

Updated: Mar 29

Bride and groom with stormy sky reflected in water
It's never too late

Around a month ago I put out a call to couples who were already married who may like the chance to have a set of portraits taken in their original wedding outfits. Mel & Andrew were the first to respond and here is the first edit from their series of photos. I wish I'd taken a rough shot of the setup on my phone as they were stood in a car park next to a puddle! Really happy with how this came out, we had originally planned to head to the Welsh coast, that was then reined in to Hay Bluff due to distance and in the end we went with Clee Hill which was wonderful and just down the road from their home.

The response I received from my original post asking for couples was overwhelming and has convinced me that post wedding portraiture offers a world of possibility without some of the location constraints of a wedding day. About a decade ago Trash the Dress shoots were supposed to become the new rage as they'd become popular in the States but they haven't really taken off in the UK. I think the term Trash the Dress is a little off putting when you've spent a small fortune on it! Mel & Andrew's session demonstrated that you can have amazing photos after your wedding day without trashing anything! Perhaps the weather was poor, perhaps the venue didn't lend itself to certain photos, perhaps the photographer you booked didn't quite get what you'd hoped, post wedding portraiture is most definitely what you need, it's never too late! I'll be adding package options to my site in the coming week, watch this space!

Nikon D780 | nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G at 24mm | ISO 100 | f11 | 1/200sec | double headed flash mount with two Yongnuo YN560 IV off camera flash, one diffused, on stand to right of shot on 1/2 power


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