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Unveiling Post Wedding Portraits!

Updated: May 17

Already married? Have you still got your wedding dress or access to one? Unveiling my Post Wedding Portraits! They offer you the unique opportunity to get the wedding portraits you always dreamed of. Perhaps the weather on your wedding day didn't quite work out, perhaps logistics meant you weren't able to get to the location you'd have liked, perhaps your chosen photographer didn't quite meet expectations or simply that you'd like more photos of the two of you in your wedding outfits.

My Post Wedding Portrait sessions can happen anywhere, absolutely anywhere you'd like. Fancy heading to the coast, up a mountain, bungee jumping, to a pristine lake, central London? The choice is entirely yours but we'd work together to ensure your chosen location/s will provide everything you'd hoped.

I'm very excited to announce that Post Wedding Portraits are now available to book with full information on the pricing page of my site!

Post Wedding Portraits on Clee Hill
Post Wedding Portraits on Clee Hill in South Shropshire

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